Your Weekend Getaway Essentials

No matter who you are or where you’re from, treating yourself to a mini vacation is a must! Even with a demanding work schedule and too few vacation days at your exposure, mini weekend trips can be the perfect opportunity to explore your new home and the areas surrounding it. After all, some of the best memories and experiences come from something as simple as a weekend getaway.


Regardless of your destination, these essentials are almost always needed and good to have when going away. Since you are only taking a weekend trip, the idea is to pack light and only bring what you need.

  • Sunscreen: It’s always a good idea to pack sunscreen. UV rays can cause sunburn pretty quickly ruining your weekend getaway. Better safe than sorry!
  • First-aid kit: Just in case of an emergency, pack a small first aid kit. A few bandages, hydrogen peroxide, tweezers, gauze pads and medical tape should do the trick.
  • Sunglasses: Look good and block out the sun’s UV rays to protect your eyes.
  • Umbrella: You might not need it, but it’s always nice to have it and be prepared if it rains.
  • Combination Lock: Great for protecting your belongings just in case you need to leave them unattended.
  • Wallet w/ identification & money: Always bring your Identification (ID) with you while traveling. This is important for driving, hotel check in, or even emergency situations. Aside from your ID, you should always carry some extra spending money for souvenirs or in case of an emergency.
  • Itinerary: Make the most of your trip by doing some research before and scheduling your activities.


Pack light and accordingly! Only bring the clothes that you will need for the trip. By making an itinerary, you should have an idea of what clothing to pack. For example, if you know most of your trip will be spent on a beach, pack an extra bathing suit or two and bring some extra towels. If you plan on going to a more upscale restaurant in the evening, plan on packing a dress or button down shirt with proper footwear.

Tip: Roll your clothing instead of folding. This will maximize the space you have for your luggage and give you room for other extras such as toiletries (soap, shampoo, conditioner, makeup, etc.)

By planning out your outfits before the trip, this will give you more time to enjoy your getaway rather than actually getting ready for it.


Electronics are a smart idea to bring with you on a weekend getaway. They often come in handy and are a great way to make your trip even more memorable.

  • Camera: A camera is a must have on a trip, it’s a way to capture memories that you can keep forever! Whether it’s a family picture on the beach or a selfie on the trail you hiked, a camera is the perfect addition on any trip. (Most smart phones have great cameras, so if you don’t want to carry a camera around with you, use your phone!)

Tip: Don’t wear your camera around your neck the entire trip, as this is usually a sign of a tourist and makes you a target of a pick pocketing.

  • Chargers: You are going to want to keep your electronics fully charged for your trip just in case you need to use your phone in the event of an emergency. You may also want to post a picture to Instagram or Facebook for your friends and family to follow your adventure.

These are all the essentials you should bring on your weekend getaway to make every second of your trip count. Have fun, be safe, enjoy the company of your friends and family, and remember to keep exploring!

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