Travel Through The Years of IAS

Everybody goes through a journey to get to where they are today and International AutoSource is no different. Our journey started in 1961 when Overseas Military Sales Group (OMSG) opened its doors for business to sell vehicles to members of the United States military members stationed overseas.  Roughly thirty years later, International AutoSource was started and now Expats from all over the world, have a one-stop-shop for leasing or financing a vehicle without any local credit history.

IAS Through The Years:

1961: Overseas Military Sales Group opens their doors serving U.S. government employees, service members and contractor assigned overseas

International AutoSource (IAS) is the Expat consumer division of OMSG

1987: Diplomatic Automobile Sales introduced by OMSG to extend vehicle purchase options for the diplomatic and foreign service community worldwide

1995: IAS created to assist the Expat community with financing on Ford, Lincoln, GM, Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram vehicles without a U.S. credit history

1997: Program expands to offer leasing in Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge, Ford, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles

1999: AIG partnership offers low-cost insurance services for Expats

2003: Audi and Volkswagen vehicles added to product offering

2004: Redesigned branding for AutoSource

2005: ReadyDrive, a full-service car rental solution launches in the United States

2007: Nissan and Infiniti vehicles added to product lineup

2008: Healthcare Program launches

ReadyDrive car rental program available in Canada

2009: Social media launch connects Expats with tips, news and resources

2012: IAS secures additional finance resources for Expats post relocation in the United States

Financing and leasing programs extend to all manufacturer model, new or used, for Expats already located in the U.S.

2013: Advantage Program branches into Canada, the United Kingdom and Japan offering financing and leasing

ReadyDrive expands into 11 European countries: Austria, Belgium (Luxembourg), Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom

2014: All-new look and website with added Expat resources

IAS broadens partnership with AIG Travel to offer the TravelGuard Inbound USA Membership Program included with every vehicle order

Flex Program enhanced with leasing options

2015: Happy Anniversary! IAS 20 years, RD 10 years

2016: IAS and King & Mayr launch a joint partnership in Germany offering financing and leasing

2017: ReadyDrive expands into 150 countries

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