3 Key Advantages of Pre-Planning

There are three key benefits to selecting a vehicle before you arrive:

  1. Get your vehicle delivered up to 10 days after your relocation and eliminate early termination fees in your lease agreement. If your work assignment gets cut short, IAS flexible financing terms have you protected from typical fees.
  2. Get a guaranteed delivery date for your vehicle so you have it when you need it. Working with an IAS representative as soon as you have your relocation schedule is the fastest way to get your car with a guaranteed delivery date.
  3. No need to wait until you are relocated in the USA. Now you can have IAS arrange for your car before you relocate allowing you to find your vehicle ahead of time and setting a delivery date to coincide with your planned arrival.

Pre-Planning your relocation

We are the vehicle experts for expats helping over 50,000 foreign business professionals and students plan ahead with over 20 years of experience within the global community. Our advantages are yours.

Download the relocation checklist for free and contact us to ensure you have a smooth relocation.


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