How To Overcome Homesickness

You said goodbye to all your friends and family, packed up your whole life, got on a plane and you’re now in your new country. The second you land you start to feel homesickness. This is common for expats who relocate, you are not alone! Being home sick doesn’t mean you should mope around all day every day laying on the couch watching repeats of your favorite television show. Here are some tips to help you overcome homesickness:

  1. Start off by being a tourist! Go explore all the main attractions and get to know the area you will be living in. Find the best restaurants, coffee shops, bars and even shopping locations. By getting to know the culture of the people in your new location you will start to feel more comfortable. It is important to get to know your surroundings and what your day to day go to spots will be.
  2. Make new friends. Of course, your friends back home will still be important to you and remain in your life but you will want to find new friends to go to dinner with or even go grab coffee together. Get out there and find someone with a common interest and who knows, maybe they will become your good friend!
  3. Spend time in the places that may be causing homesickness. If you spend time in the places that are making you anxious you will become more comfortable in that atmosphere. If may feel uncomfortable at first but over time you will be better off with your new home.
  4. Make a list of places you want to see and things you want to do. Research the top places to try and activities to take part in. By doing this it will keep your mind off the homesickness and give you something to look forward to. For example, going to a beach that is known for having the clearest water in the state or trying the food that your new state is known for.
  5. Time to make this home. Moving to a new country is hard and normally forces you to leave things from your old home behind but it isn’t all negative. This is your chance for a new start. Go to the store and find items you like to help make your new home cozy. Whether you want it to look similar to where you use to live or completely create a new look that’s up to you as long as it makes you happy!
  6. Take a break from social media. It is important to settle into your new home. Sometimes seeing what is going on where you use to live on social media can give you FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) which could make the homesickness worse. Try to focus on your new home, new life and new job.
  7. Work on yourself. Do things that you love! If you like art maybe take an art class. If you’re someone who enjoys new movies take a trip to the movie theater. By taking advantage of your passions it will not only help you work on yourself and make you content, but it will also help you gain new friends with the same interest.
  8. Find your new routine. Figure out what you’re going to do on a day to day basis. This could include grabbing a cup of coffee, going to work then taking a spin class at the gym and going home for dinner. Whatever the case may be find the best routine that fits YOU.


Don’t be scared. Think positive and take each experience day by day. This is your new home and your chance to explore. Enjoy every day!

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