The High Cost of Speeding Tickets in the US

Expat Guide: The True Price of Speeding Tickets in the US

Driving is the most efficient mode of transportation in the United States and relocating to the US means you must get acquainted with the rules of the road.

The speed limit must always be followed, even if extenuating circumstances arise. Even if you are running late for work, school, or an appointment, do not drive faster than the limit, because the consequences can add up.

Read more to discover the cost of getting pulled over for speeding by the police and ways to turn the situation in your favor.

Speeding Ticket

Penalties for Speeding

Police issue more speeding tickets than any other ticket, so it is your responsibility to minimize the chances you get a ticket as well.

The fine for speeding tickets depends on the state and county where you are caught speeding, but the cost can sometimes be hundreds of dollars.

City Speed Limit

In addition to a fine that must be paid, the following is also possible:

  • Action against your driver’s license
  • Points on your driving record
  • A date in traffic court
  • Increased car insurance rate
  • Mandatory driving school classes

Driving Speed

Speeding Tickets Can Increase Insurance Rates

Multiple speeding tickets on your record will likely increase your insurance rates by more than approximately $400 annually.

People in Florida, Louisiana, and New York can pay the highest insurance rates after a ticket, while Maine, Vermont, and Idaho have the cheapest post-ticket insurance rates. These tickets could also impact your ability to rent a car.

Speeding Penalties

Even More Serious Consequences for Speeding

The higher you drive above the speed limit, the more likely it could lead to serious criminal charges, license suspensions, and even jail time.

Specific slow-driving zones, such as schools and construction sites, have steeper penalties for speeding because they are higher-risk areas.

Rules of the Road

Rules of the Road to Avoid Getting a Speeding Ticket

Here are the tips to help ensure you are not pulled over for speeding:

1. Follow the rules. Avoid getting a ticket in the first place by staying in line with the posted speed limit.

2. Drive at the same speed as the cars around you. The flow of traffic makes you less noticeable to a police officer on the road.

3. Try not to have an attention-grabbing car. Neon colors, dark-tinted windows, and sports cars are more associated with reckless driving.

4. Avoid the fast lane. Only use the HOV (high occupancy vehicle) or left lanes to pass other cars. Driving in the lane long-term will bring attention from police officers.

5. Download new technology. If your car has a built-in GPS, add the Point-of-Interest (POI) software to tell you when upcoming stoplights have traffic cameras.

6. Try to get the violation reduced or dismissed. Speeding tickets are fought in traffic court all the time. Since rules vary by state, tickets could be dismissed on a factual technicality. If the police officer is unable to make it to the court date, the ticket will be dismissed.

Most Expensive States to Get a Speeding Ticket in

The states with the most expensive speeding penalties are as follows:

10. Hawaii
9. Rhode Island
8. Florida
7. Texas
6. New Hampshire
5. Arizona
4. New York
3. Mississippi
2. Alaska
1. Nevada

Expat Driving US

The Cost of a Speeding Ticket Bottom Line

Driving the speed limit on each road is the best way to ensure you will not get pulled over for speeding. Not only will it minimize costs and penalties, but it will also increase your safety and the safety of the people driving around you.

The Insurance Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) released that speeding caused 29% of traffic deaths in 2020. That same year the US Department of Transportation found that 308,013 people with traffic-related injuries were in car accidents caused by speeding. It is not worth putting your life and the lives of loved ones at risk.

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