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Customer Journey - Filipino Expat and Nurse

For many healthcare professionals, their relocation is their first time in the US. In addition to acclimating to a new home and work environment, there are many things that need to be coordinated and completed before such a big move.

Newcomers to the US also have the added stress of trying to navigate an unfamiliar culture and environment plus the challenges that come along with moving to a new country.

International AutoSource has been making the relocation process one step easier by getting healthcare professionals driving with full-service vehicle solutions specifically designed to meet their needs. Getting a car is one of the biggest purchase decisions a healthcare professional will make and the IAS team of vehicle specialists are ready to guide expats through every step of the process so they can focus on starting their new life in the US worry-free.

Nissan Rogue

Nissan Rogue Five-Star Car Buying Review from a Filipino Nurse

Meet Edeliza Saludar, who recently relocated to Pennsylvania from the Philippines. As a nurse it was essential for her to have her own vehicle to get to and from work. Through IAS, Edeliza was able to finance a 2023 Nissan Rogue for her move to the United States. She shared photos of her new car with us and described her experience using IAS for her car buying needs in the US.

Expat with her Nissan Rogue

Three Reasons I will never regret that I ordered a car from IAS

“I’m glad to share with you a photo of my new car a Nissan Rogue as well as the Toyota Camry car rental. Thank you for the hassle free process and most specially for giving us free rental car while waiting for our ordered car.

Here are the three big reasons I chose International AutoSource. First, they had help me with my transition here in US by giving me a free rental car while waiting for our ordered car, so didn’t have to spend for my transportation and insurance for almost 5 months. Secondly, even though I have no credit score yet that time, I got a very good deal with APR at 7% plus a zero down payment. I didn’t spent even a single dollar until the 30th day after the car was delivered. Third, very convenient process! Got no stress during the entire waiting time.

Thank you so much all. I thank God for leading me to the right decision. IAS is very helpful especially to immigrants like me because of its very convenient and worry-free service. The free car rental service with free insurance is a huge help while we were waiting for the car ordered, and at the same time it gave us more time to prepare funds before the first payment.”

Edeliza with her rental car

Congratulations on your new Nissan and work assignment. We hope you enjoy your time in the United States.

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Car Buying for International Healthcare Professionals

International AutoSource provides vehicle financing for international nurses, doctors, medical technicians, and many other healthcare professionals with no US credit history. The IAS Healthcare Advantage Program provides exclusive protections, privileged pricing, and dedicated full-service support that is not available anywhere else.

International Healthcare professionals can take advantage of savings, convenience, and full-service support all in one place. Our dedicated healthcare product specialists work one-on-one with each customer to provide full-service support before, during, and after delivery. We also assist with all documentation needed for vehicle financing, licensing, and registration as our customers have more important things to worry about.

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