The Definitive Guide For Expats Relocating to the USA

Learn the best practices for planning and preparing your move to a new country.

Moving to the USA for a new work assignment or advancing your education can be an exciting, yet stressful time. This guide covers the essentials of your planning process and should be added to your checklist. We’ve organized this guide into 6 core categories for your move:

DOCUMENTATION: Getting all of the needed personal documents together that you need to officially enter, reside, work, study, and/or drive in the USA is perhaps the first place to start.

HOUSING: Deciding what’s best for you with regards to your existing home, a possible interim housing arrangement, and finally your new home have to be planned all at the same time making this quite challenging.

HEALTH INSURANCE: Many expats are surprised to learn that their domestic health insurance plans may not follow them when moving to the USA and there is no nationwide system of government-owned medical facilities.

FINANCES: Consider your financial management options in advance to handle your transactions while in the USA and establishing checking, savings, and any investment accounts appropriate for you and your family needs.

PERSONAL TRANSPORTATION: Getting a car, truck or SUV for personal transportation in the USA is usually a high priority. You’ll need to determine whether buying, leasing or renting your vehicle is best for your situation, needs, and budget.

Download the guide, plan ahead as much as you can, take one step at a time, and stay calm.

The Definitive Guide For Expats Relocating to the USA

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