BACK TO BASICS: Traffic Rules in America

In part one of Back to Basics we covered some of the general road rules you need to know to obtain your Driver’s License in America. In part two we talk all about Traffic.

No matter what country you’re driving in, you’ll encounter traffic. Traffic is a reality of driving. The amount of traffic you will encounter in the United States depends largely on which city you move to.


5 Cities with the Worst Traffic in America*

1. Los Angeles
2. Honolulu
3. San Francisco
4. Austin
5. New York

*Based on the INRIX Traffic Scorecard

Are you moving to a city known for it’s terrible traffic? Don’t worry, there are a number of traffic rules in America designed to help ease traffic. 

Carpool Lanes

The carpool lane, also known as the High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lane, is a lane on the highway that drivers are only allowed to use if there are two or more passengers in the vehicle. Carpool lanes encourage commuters to ride together in order to reduce the number of cars on the highway, therefore reducing traffic jams. The carpool lane typically has less delays, therefore moving at a faster speed.

Right on Red  

In many cities, drivers are allowed to make a right turn at a red light, without having to wait for the light to turn green. Drivers must stop at the red light and check that the intersection is clear before proceeding. In some cities this is against the rule, so be sure to check your local driving laws. At some lights, typically at dangerous intersections,  you will see a sign indicating “No Turn On Red”, meaning that you must wait for the green light before proceeding.


If you miss your turn while driving, in most cases, you can make a U-Turn at the next intersection. This means you won’t be driving far out of your way if you make a wrong turn.  Check for signs prohibiting U-Turns before proceeding.

What’s Your Best Tip for Avoiding Traffic?


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