Americanisms 101: Workplace Phrases (Part 3 of 3)

Thank you for reading our final post in this three part series, aimed at helping expats navigate their new life in the United States.  If you’re relocating to the U.S. we’ve provided a few common American phrases so that you can have the “upper hand” in your new job and be able to “play hardball”…, reading this post is really a “no brainer”

If you had trouble understanding the sentence above, don’t worry we’ll cover these phrases and many more below.

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“Bite the bullet” – to make yourself do something or accept something difficult or unpleasant.

“Brownie points” – to get praise or approval for something you have done.

“Back to the drawing board” – to return to the planning stage, so that a failed project can be planned again.

“Call it a day” – to quit working for the day and go home.

“Win-win situation” – a situation or outcome that benefits both or all parties, or that has two distinct benefits.

“Throw in the towel” – admit defeat and move on.

“Upper hand” – a position of control or advantage.

“Play hardball” – to act strong and aggressive about an issue with someone; to stand firm in your opinion and viewpoint.

“On a roll” – when you experience a series of wins or successes.

“No brainer” – something so simple or easy as to require no thought.

“By the book” – following the rules exactly.

“Think outside the box” – think creatively and not follow the crowd.

“Cut Corners” – take the easiest and fastest route.

“Get the ball rolling” – starting a new task, taking initiative.

“Put it on the back burner” – something that is not a high priority task and can be completed later.

“Stay on your toes” – always be ready for whatever is thrown your way.

I’m sure we’ve missed a few. Let us know in the comment section below.

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