Top 10 Tips for Expat Road Trip Adventures

Scenic American Road Trip for Expats Guide

Even if you are new to the US, it doesn’t mean you were meant to stay in one place. It is time to go on an adventure; take a road trip!

We’ve compiled the best tips and tricks for expat road-trippers to ensure your road trip is a fun and easygoing adventure.

Travel research for expatriate road trip

Do Your Expat Road Trip Research

Before heading out the door, research ahead of time to familiarize yourself with your destination. Figure out how long the travel will take and pack your overnight or weekend bag, as needed.

Visit travel bureau websites to see the area and find out what the hot spots are. Be sure to check the upcoming weather forecast and plan accordingly.

Navigating road trip expat cars

Know Your Road Trip Route

Decide which GPS app works best for your trip, such as Google Maps, Waze, and Apple Maps.

While Google and Apple Maps and other apps give you easy-to-follow directions, Waze provides detours from traffic delays.

Screenshot directions in case your phone loses service or battery life. And you might want to have a good old reliable paper map in the car as a backup.

During the journey, drop a pin on where you park your vehicle to minimize the chances of getting lost.

Road trip preparation, car financing expats

Expat Road Trippers Should Prepare for the Unexpected

Whether you’re a new expat or you’ve been in the U.S. for a while, it’s best to anticipate the things you might need should the unexpected occur.

Pack a first aid kit with band-aids, antibacterial ointment, and pain relievers. Take multiple regular and portable phone chargers and an extra blanket, water, small cooler, umbrella and roadside kit.

Tolls road trip adventure car-buying for healthcare workers

Plan for Tolls on Your Road Trip

US road trips usually occur across state lines through parkways and bridges, so you should plan for tolls. See what tolls you’ll be driving through and have cash on hand readily available.

You can also secure toll passes or prepaid transponders like E-Z Pass, Peach Pass, Palmetto Pas, or FasTrack to save time and money.

Budget for your car as an expatriate

Budget for Gas

It is easy to break the bank on road trips due to gas prices, so budgeting is important.

Get a loyalty card with a grocery store or become a member at a wholesaler for gas discounts. Only pay with cash so that you are charged the lower price. Use gas-saving apps like GasBuddy, Waze, or Gas Guru to find the lowest gas prices on your trip.

Road trip snacks guide for your car

Expats Can Eat, Drink, and Save on Road Trips

Shop at Costco or Walmart for low-priced snacks. Create little road trip goodie bags with self-serve treats. Bring a cooler to hold drinks or food that needs refrigeration. Stop at local farm stands for cheap and healthy fruits and vegetables.

Relocating and car-buying save and get creative
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Get Creative with Household Items

Use shower caddies with suction cups and plastic cereal containers for easy storage on the window or behind the seat. Fill old creamer bottles with finger snacks. Oven trays can be used as desk trays for passengers. Silicone cupcake liners used in cup holders will make things less sticky.

Booking sites savings for foreign workers

Expats Can Find Discounts and Low Prices

Turn to hotel and travel sites to get the lowest discounted room rate. Some of the best are Expedia, Travelocity, Booking, and You can find one-day excursions and discounts on restaurants and fun things to do!

Historic road trip for expats who finance cars

Don’t Miss Out on Local Sites on Your Road Trip Adventure

Take in your surroundings and check out local attractions like theme parks, stores, museums, restaurants, and national parks.

Search for unique local attractions because the variety of strange and interesting sites across the United States is endless. Who doesn’t want to miss places like Market Theater Gum Wall in Seattle (yes, really!), the National Museum of Mustard in Wisconsin, Mermaids of Weeki Wachee in Florida or even the UFO Adventure Center in Colorado.

Road trip adventures for expat fun

Have Fun on Your Expat Road Trip Adventure!

While on the road, play fun upbeat music playlists and let everyone have a chance to play their favorites. You can also listen to a podcast, play travel games like twenty questions, and look for license plates from other states. As an expat in the U.S., there are a ton of new sights to see and new things to experience on your great American road trip adventure!

Expatriate car buying needs

One Last Thing

It’s not just about the destination but the journey. Enjoy the experience. Relax, tell silly stories, sing, laugh, and enjoy the ride!

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