Driving Your Decision: Factors in Choosing a New Car for Expats

Expat Guide to Choosing A New Car

Buying a new car as an expat is both an exciting and daunting task. While it is exhilarating to think of driving your new car out of the dealership while reveling in that new car smell, you must first decide: what are the top considerations when choosing a new car? What’s best for me and my lifestyle?

Thankfully, International AutoSource (IAS) is here to help you make that decision.

Consideration 1: Where You Live as an Expat

Where you live is probably the most prominent factor in your decision-making process.

Live in a city? A compact and small car to navigate busy streets and traffic will serve you well.

Live in the suburbs? A fuel-efficient car that is large enough to hold your groceries is your best bet.

Live in a more rural area? A car with four-wheel drive that can handle those unpaved roads will save you a lot of trouble.

Consideration 2: Parking Availability

If your home has off-street parking or an onsite parking lot, you’ll have more options.

However, if you live in a city and rely on street parking, a smaller car could save you a ton of hassle and time as you can easily parallel park in tiny spots and avoid driving around to find a spot big enough for your car.

Consideration 3: Are You a Solo Driver or Do You Have a Family?

Considerations would be different for a solo driver or someone with a family.

If you’re the only driver, you can enjoy the freedom of choosing the car that suits only your needs. However, if you have a family, consider if the car can fit car seats, soccer gear, or three or four sweaty teenagers during a ride home from soccer practice.

Consideration 4: Your Daily Commute

Assuming you will be driving the car to work each day, your daily commute needs must be factored in.

If you are driving a half hour or longer to work every day, make sure your car is fuel-efficient so your paycheck isn’t gauged by fueling your car.

You may also want to think about what features or options are important to you. Perhaps a moonroof is a must for you or a high-end infotainment center with Apple CarPlay. You’ll want to consider what is important to you.

If you have the luxury of a short commute, a car’s fuel efficiency is less of a concern.

Consideration 5: How you Spend Downtime

Determining how you might use your vehicle outside of work will be an important consideration in making your decision.

In your off time, will you be using your car primarily to run errands or visit friends? Consider a compact car that will be easily navigable to make your trip to the bank and market that much easier.

Perhaps on your off time, you want to visit as many states as you can. Consider a car that can hold luggage and potentially camping gear.

If you are a weekend warrior, consider a car with the capacity for a bike rack, kayak rack, or whatever equipment you need for your activities.

Consideration 6: The Climate is a Factor When Choosing a Car Too

Think about the weather you and your car will have to endure, it may be very different than the weather of the country you’re from. If you live somewhere with harsh winters, it is important you buy a car with traction that can withstand ice and snow. Cars with heated seats are an added bonus in winter!

In warmer climates, consider the color of your car. Order a lighter-colored car because we all understand the unpleasantness of getting into a blistering hot car.

The Takeaway

Your ideal car will vary depending on your unique lifestyle. It might appear to be a complicated decision with all the options available to you, but the decision will come easier if you’ve thought about the considerations and factors discussed above.

Lastly, the team at International AutoSource would be happy to help you make the best decision for you and your circumstances. We want you to LOVE your new car, truck or SUV!

International AutoSource

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